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I Love You by Michael Faudet
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untitled by Luiza Potiens on Flickr.

Fever by Jodie Harriet on Flickr.

""I’m trying not to let this get to me, but you’re still in my head."
“You’ve seeped through my ears and embedded yourself into my skull, you fuck.”
“There’s this cassette player in my head, and your tapes jammed in the box. The way you said Vodka, that Russian accent, is conveniently placed on a scratch in the disk, playing in an enteral excruciating loop of lusty Russian madness, and I can’t turn the volume down no matter how hard I yell and scream and try to find the dial. It’s not there.
Did you give it to her?”
“Will you call her your babydoll, too?”
“If I cut deep enough, will I find you?
“Where did you put my heart, again?”
“You know, The way you said my name is more painful than all of the raised fuchsia pink scars on my arm ever were.”
“The drugs don’t make it stop.
You’re in every corner of my conscious and subconscious mind.”
“Please. I want to hear you say my name again.”
“I still think of you.”
“How is she?”
“Is she better than I was?”
“Are you happy?”
“I’m not.”
“Please miss me.”"

- Texts I Refuse To Send, 2014 (via ectofetus04)

(Source: ak12-angel)


Satellite heart by Xin Lí on Flickr.